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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services

Offering the Best Cleaning Services for Small & Large Businesses in Ohio

We understand that finding the best cleaning services can be a challenge, particularly for businesses. Therefore that’s why we make sure to offer the best commercial cleaning services in Ohio. Also our services are targeted to meet the needs of small to large businesses.

Your building premises need to be spotless not only for your clients but also for your employees. In addition providing them with a sanitary and clean work environment is of the utmost importance, particularly during these uncertain times.

This is why our cleaning services offer you the opportunity to have spotless buildings. Moreover the team at Allied is not only reliable but also punctual, respectful, and pays attention to detail.

Our Services

We have slowly but surely earned a reputation for delivering quality services. These services include the following:


  • Dusting
    We make sure to dust all surface areas including desks, mini-blinds, baseboards as well as low and high
    reach areas of the ceilings. We also pay special attention to desk accessories to leave things spotless and
  • Damp Wiping and Polishing
    We make sure to thoroughly damp-wipe surface areas like tables, desks, wall switches, and other
    touchpoints. We pay special attention to remove all signs of spills, fingerprints, smudges, and even cup
    rings. Moreover, given the surface material, we also polish them to leave things spotless.
  • Disinfecting
    All publicly shared accessories, such as telephones, are thoroughly disinfected and dusted to ensure that
    they’re sanitary for shared usage.
  • Break room Cleaning
    All break rooms are cleaned from top-to-bottom to provide your employees with a clean and pleasant
  • Cleaning of Bathrooms
    Our team of professional cleaners will clean, disinfect, and wipe down all areas in the bathroom. We
    also go the extra mile to re-stock paper products and replenish soap products and more.
  • Recycle and Trash
    Our team will make sure to empty all trash bins every day. We also pay attention to recycling practices
    and will ensure that all trash is taken to the collection area as designated by you. Each trash bin is also
    given new liners each day.

Book Our Services Today!

If you’re interested in our commercial cleaning services, get in touch with us. We offer them on a contractual and recurring basis as well. Based on your budget and the services you require, you can even get a custom quote from us.

Whether you want to make a booking with us online, or have questions and queries, get in touch with us today. Our team is available to help you pick the best option.

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